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Writer's Block: Book based
Is there a book you really loved that was subsequently turned into a movie? Did it live up to your expectations? Why or why not?
"Six Days of the Condor". They called the movie "Three Days of the Condor" for some reason, but it was very good.

Writer's Block: News development
What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?
The assassination of John F Kennedy, when I was 8. The news interrupted the TV programme we were watching and my parents were devastated. I didn't know who he was, but my parents were Catholics and followed his every move. I was mystified as to why someone would do something so evil. It made me think a lot.

Writer's Block: So far so good
What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?
Avatar. It was a lot of fun.

Writer's Block: Thumbs down!
What are your least favorite book and movie genres? Are you willing to make exceptions? Do you ever feel left out of social events/discussions owing to atypical taste in movies/books?
Probably musicals. I had a bad experience as a child - I hated "Half a Sixpence".

Writer's Block: Do (political) opposites attract?
Are there any political issues, such as abortion or capital punishment, that are so fundamental to your core values that you could not respect and/or trust someone who held a contrary view?

Oh yes! On my 'must have' list for potential mates I have

1. Gender equality. (Sounds pretty basic, but at least one major religion does not support it.)
2. Abortion. (I'm pro-choice.)
3. Gay rights. (I'm pro.)
4. Capital punishment (I'm against.)

Writer's Block: Bottoms up!
How do you usually spend New Years Eve? Do you like big parties, small celebrations with friends, or do you prefer to hang out by yourself? Is New Years a time of reflection for you?

Either with a few close friends or just the two of us. I don't really enjoy big parties as I am settled and no longer trying to "pull" the opposite sex, nor do I drink alcohol these days.

Writer's Block: Voulez-vous parler ...
Which language(s) do you currently speak? If you could learn only one other language, what would you choose, and why?
My mother tongue is English but I speak enough French to get by in French-speaking countries. I would like to be really fluent in French so as to be able to talk about *anything*. I would also like to learn Spanish. I feel bad that we own an apartment in Spain but can't say more than "Dos café con leche, por favor".

Writer's Block: Forever young
If cryogenics became a real, affordable option (i.e., if you could freeze your body until aging and illnesses were better understood), would you consider it? If so, do you fear you'd miss out on the wisdom that comes with growing old and dying?

If the technology really existed and was affordable, yes I would consider it. The wisdom of old age is somewhat exaggerated. By the time you're 40 you have probably picked up all the wisdom you're going to get.

Writer's Block: Book review
What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?

I wouldn't have an outright ban on anything, but a process where controversial acquisitions are to be referred to a management committee for discussion.

Writer's Block: Keep it open
What is your all-time favorite, romantic movie scene? What about it speaks to you?
No. I don't know. I don't know. But I'm interested to see the other answers!